Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mineral Veil: Unveiling the Truth

Hi babies! I've been very M.I.A. lately because of school work yada-yada, my apologies! However, no amount of studying could stop me from informing/venting to you about my latest discovery. As you know, I have problematic skin.. sad-face, but whatevs, over it! I am so drugged up on acne medicine that I no longer have to worry about new zits every day. Okay, okay, the occasional MONTHLY breakout of about one or two pimples does occur.

BUT -- when my skin starts randomly erupting with the Rocky Mountains and spreads across my entire face?!?!!?!! There must be an outside variable responsible for this nonsense!

Enter the unspeakable.

No, not my atrocious under-eye circles. My beloved Bare Escentuals :'( ...the horror. I'm a die-hard Bare Minerals junkie because their foundation doesn't irritate my acne. I just recently started using their Mineral Veil to keep my skin shine-free during the hot weather. Alas, two weeks later and I'm noticing the acne starting to form. 

So I looked at the ingredients -- CORN STARCH. Such a no-no. Cheap filler alert! Corn starch is a breeding ground for bacteria when it gets moist. No freakin' bueno. 

So acne-prone babies beware.. I know I personally will be getting rid of this product. Shine-free skin is not worth the underlying zits! I wouldn't be putting the blame so harshly if it was normal for me to break out this badly. Le sigh.. that is the unfortunate DL.

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