Friday, March 1, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence is Finger-Flickin' Good!

I'm baa-aack! That was a terrible, college long break from my glorious blogosphere. Anyways, is anyone as obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence as I am? From Mystique, to Katniss, to Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook, this girl has got it all. She completely deserved that gold man on Oscar night. Her performance with B. Coop was so raw and beautiful. She's one of those people that doesn't care what others think of them. To top it all off, she is hilarious! Wow, sorry for the major girl crush going on right now.

This kick-ass 22 year old's first dress was a dashing Dior. I loved how simple and elegant it was, paired with her classy middle finger. I feel as though it wouldn't have been a proper Jennifer Lawrence production if she hadn't tripped while getting her award. It was almost like Lena Dunham's shameful walk in heels at the Globes. They're too busy being amazing actresses to be truly concerned with their public images. You won't see these two on a reality TV show any time soon! Lena is a whole 'nother girl crush I will touch upon later. Back to J.Law, I secretly was hoping that that gown was for a surprise red carpet wedding with Bradley Cooper..

She's clearly saying, "I do!" Right!? I could gush about this woman all day, but I will cease and leave you with this video of her backstage at the Oscars:

That's the DL! xoxo

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