Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feather Frenzy

Hi pretties! Ready for a cool, bohemian trend for summertime? Feather hair extensions! I'm bursting with excitement because I just got mine done last week.

You have options of getting natural/colored and chunky/thin. I got two chunky natural feathers (only one is showing) at my hair salon for $12 each! The best part is you can straighten them, curl, or wash, and they're totally fine. The hair stylist said they last for about a month or so. Perfect for the last few weeks before school starts! 

I actually want to get more soon.. I'm a feather addict, oh no! Check out Jen Love Hewitt lookin' so fly with her colored feathers! ;)

DISCLAIMER : My hair stylist let me know that for the bleach blondies out there (aka me) the colored feathers can actually bleed onto your hair! Green hair?! No gracias! So stick with au naturales ;-*

That's the DL for now!
Bye loves!


  1. I love yours! I'm dying to get some myself. Thanks for the tip about the color bleeding. . .that would be fun to try to explain! I think I like that natural ones better anyway!