Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pet Peeve - Sublimation Print Top

 Floral halter top
Firstly, the faded tattoo design has got to go. But wait, let's put awkward white lines through the whole pattern, on the cheapest looking material we can find! I've been seeing this style for the past year, and I'm honestly surprised that stores like Body Central KEEP coming out with new arrivals of this. Oh wait, I guess it's because -gag- people keep buying them! It just reminds me of something I would've worn in my awkward middle school days. Paired with braces? This shirt would've been "so tight"!

Conclusion: You must be 12 and under to wear this top.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes
    definitely one of my least favorite things ever

  2. I can't stand the sublimation tops. It looks so trashy!

  3. This post is TOO perfect, as I was just out last night and saw this look on wayyy too many girls - one gal went as far as wearing a skin-tight cotton dress with a cut-out above her chest with this pattern on the whole dress and I wanted to vomit on the spot; this look is HORRID, I couldn't agree more with your post!

    Following now :)