Sunday, May 1, 2011

Glitter French Manicure

Hi pretties! If you're in college you may or may not be dealing with finals week at the moment. I personally, am the biggest procrastinator in the world. Therefore, what's a better way to waste time than DIY nails?! Here's a fun study break for all you crammers out there:

Say hello to glitter French manicures!

What you'll need:
* any clear nail polish
* a container of craft glitter ( I got mine at Michael's)
* nail clippers that have the cuticle cleaner attached 
Also, I recommend doing this over a bathroom sink with a wastebasket near by!

1. Start with clean nails

2. With your clear nail polish, paint a stripe along the tip like you would for a French manicure (it doesn't have to be perfect, just a quickie! )

3. Dip your freshly painted nail into the container of glitter (I tried shaking the glitter over my nail at first, but this method turned out way easier :} )

Side note: It should look something like this now ^

4. Flip your finger over and use your other hand to tap on it, so that the excess glitter falls off. 

Voila! It's like kindergarten arts&crafts all over again!

5. With your clear coat again, paint the un-glittered portion of your nail normally. When you get to the glitter, gently "pat" the polish brush onto the nail. This is so the glitter doesn't stick to the brush! If it does, just wipe it off on the side of your nail polish bottle. 

6. Repeat for the rest of your nails! 

7. This is what the cuticle cleaner is for! The glitter can get a little messy, so if it ends up under your nails just scrape it off. You could probably use a metal nail file as well. 

That's all folks! I was tired of my nail polish always chipping so I thought, why not try glitter? All the glitter nail polishes I've tried just have too much polish and not enough glitter. So I made my own hehe! I've been wearing this look for about two days and it's held on great! Plus, It's a fun summer look :} I can't wait to go out and buy more colors -- turquoise glitter is next!

Good luck with exams! 

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