Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flower Power

It's the most wonderful time of the year-- Formal season! Whether it's prom, a sorority formal, or military ball, it's important that you're looking fabulous. For me, the hardest part is deciding how I should style my hair. When I had boob-length (excuse my French!) locks, it was a simple answer. All I had to do were some Kim Kardashian curls, maybe a Lauren Conrad braid, and I was ready to dance. However, last year I got that dreaded "did-this-in-elementary-school-and-cried-but-maybe-now-it'll-look-good" haircut.. and have been growing it out ever since. Currently, it's at that awkward length where you curl it and it looks too short. Can anyone relate?! 

My other option was an up-do, but I was a little scared that it wouldn't look feminine. For some reason, when I think of up-do's I just imagine girls in ROTC. The tight buns make me feel like I should be wearing a uniform and not a dress :{ DILEMMA! 

Frantically, I was rushing in and out of stores on the day of formal (typical), when suddenly I got inspired. Blooming like a garden next to bobby pins and hair ties -- FLOWERS! How Spring-y! Relieved that I wouldn't look like G.I. Jane, I decided to give it a try since I had about 3 hours until Formal. 

Flower clip - Target 
PDA alert! That's my boyfriend, sorry! I chose a large, white flower because it looked elegant and I figured it would go with other dress colors in the future. First, I took a section from both sides of my hair and braided them to the back, securing each braid with a bobby pin. I left out my bangs and some front pieces of my hair, which I later gently curled. Next, I took the rest of my hair and twisted it into a loose bun (I feel like it looks softer). Finally, I attached the flower clip to the back of my head, close to one side of the bun. Easy-peasy, and you'll get so many compliments!

Another thing you can do is wear your hair down (possibly curled) and use the flower to pin part of the side up!

Flower clip - Claire's
This was for a Bahama themed party, but the concept is the same! It's a great way to girly-up any dull hairstyle, especially when your hair is at that awkward length :)

Good luck pretties! 

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