Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lip Stains - Stash or Trash?

Hi pretties! After a long M.I.A. session of summer school and starting work, I'm back to dish out the latest down low :} Now, when I look for a lip color, I want something that will last! I hate having to reapply, reapply, reapply -- especially if I'm at work. Can't there be a lipstick that stays all day!? Or at least longer than half an hour?

Presenting, LIP STAINS! Now, I'm sure you have heard of these products which tint your lips for a long period of time. The question is, which ones actually work and which ones are crap? HelloOo, not trying to buy something that doesn't do the job! Have no fear lovies! Here are the products to stash.. and ones you can trash.

We'll start with the ones to leave for the garbage men.

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain - $7
Crap if I've ever seen it! Okay, I actually bought this product hoping that it would deliver the lovely stain that it advertises. Uhm, no. Firstly, the color lasts about.. hmm.. twenty minutes? That doesn't sound very stain-y to me! Okay, so I could use it as a lip color even if it doesn't last, right? Wrong. It applies like a marker, which is awesome, but it leaves my lips so blotchy! The pigment settles in certain spots so it looks like I have dots all over my lips. And this is after like five minutes. Politely discard.

Benefit Benetint - $28.00
Don't get me wrong, Benefit is a great brand. Love their products. But Benetint? And it's lighter sister, Posietint, too.. crap. Benetint delivers a pretty berry color, but the consistency is all wrong. It's too watery, so you have to keep layering it to get any color. Then, when it's actually applied, it comes off after you rub your lips a few times. Believe me, I've tried wearing it during my shifts at work. So disappointing. I like it much better as a cheek tint, but this is not a post on cheek tints! Sorry, Benetint, you didn't make the cut.

And now for the keepers.

Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain - $23.00
This is by far the best lip stain I've ever tried. I put it on every day before my 6 hour shift and it seriously lasts almost the whole time. It comes in six shades. I wear Guava, a coral-orange color. It's great because it applies like a marker (so it's easy), and then the opposite end is a tinted lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. I like to experiment with layering different lip glosses on top too!

Here's my testimony -

STILL on my hand from showing customers the different shades. After hand sanitizers, brush cleaners, and tissue wiping -- this lip stain is no joke! Yes, it's a splurge for us cheap-y's who stick with drug-store makeup. However, I feel like it's well worth the money because you don't have to keep reapplying! I'm definitely considering this for my next pay check. 

DISCLAIMER - make sure that you store the marker tip facing downward, because it will dry out faster when it's facing up. 

Love you all xo!


  1. so, what's the difference between a lip stain and lipstick, oh wise one? Aren't there lipsticks that claim they stay on for like, ever, too? haha. MISS YOU!

  2. I'm definitely going to have to try the Smashbox one! I had the same problems with the Cover Girl ones, they left my lips splotchy and once I opened them they dried out so fast! Even with keeping them pointing down. Oh the frustrations of all day lip color!

  3. I'm actually quite surprised that you guys had problems with the Cover Girl lipstains. I've had mine for over a year it's still workin for me! Maybe I just got lucky :) Great blog - it's so fun!

    <3 Sidd