Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Polish

I love looking down at my nails and feeling warm and fuzzy, don't you? I was at my bestie's house today and snagged her cobalt blue polish to try! I don't know the exact brand, but she said it's from Walmart! She's a cheapie like me hehe ;)

Screw my webcam quality and my wet hair, but adore my sassy nails! This picture does them no justice. Now, any normal blogger would be screaming OPI, OPI, OPI ... yes it's a great brand but no I'm not trying to spend $8 on a bottle of paint that I'll get tired of in a week! True life -- I have style ADD. 

That being said -- here are some cutesie colors and cheaper alternatives to nail polish that I am just DIGGIN' for Spring!

Happy coats to all! 


  1. Aaaaah, I'm so addicted to nailpolish haha a girl can't have enough! x

  2. Nail varnishes seem to be so well priced in America! They are so expensive here in the UK :( x x