Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pet Peeve - Belt Purse

Listen "belt purse", you don't fool me for a minute. Giving this travesty a new name and hoisting it up higher on the waist does NOT change the fact that THEY'RE TRYING TO BRING BACK FANNY PACKS!

Gag-aroni and cheese. First, they tell me that these "flatforms" are all the rage. Platform sandals? Really? Alright, they were pretty cool when I was nine and imitating Baby Spice. But FANNY PACKS?! No. In the name of fashion, I would rather carry one of those heinous bags that were shaped like corsets!

Uh huh. That's saying something.

Just say no to the belt purse. And someone tell these fashion designers to chill with the 90's trends! What's next -- biker shorts?!


  1. hahah this post is classic, i love it! and you're right, it IS saying something when you're willing to carry a small human-shaped purse in place of a pseudo fanny pack!

    to answer your question from my blog, too, the rimmel bronzers are great for how inexpensive they are; good for everyday wear or even for having a backup bronzer in your purse or beach bag!

  2. Gag-aroni and cheese! Yes!
    And yes, bike shorts are back in a big way, and scrunchies have been spotted on F21 and American Apparel. Gag me with a purple spoon!