Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Colorblock me baby!

Hiya pretties! Okay so, not gonna lie, I'm not a huge fan of bright colors on my face. However, after peacock turquoise wasn't lookin' too bad, I decided to start experimenting! Some lime green here, some orange-y lipstick there... la la la. Here's the clincher : I only had to use one palette for my shadow, blush, and lip color! 

Dun dun dun! Behold the ultimate summer makeup! 

That lovely coral is the exact blush/lip color I've been searching for! And I've had this quad for what... a year? Just dabbed some of that coral on my lips and finished with gloss to keep it from getting powder-y and yuck. 

For a more casual look, I'll probs skip the lime green and just wear the turquoise as liner with the coral blush. Ohhh-kay, and the lips too :) why not, right? These colors scream sun-kissed to me! XO


  1. This looks beautiful, very fresh and summery! I hardly ever experiment with colour, but I may have to give this look a try... thank you.

    Stephanie xx

  2. Your skin is so lovely!
    I wish we had cover girl make up here in the UK :( x

  3. I'm actually wearing turquoise liner today :) But I love this look! There's nothing more fun than colorful eyeshadow for spring. And it's pretty amazing how many different looks you can get from one palette!


  4. so cute! love the make up!!

  5. brilliant using the powder on your lips! It looks great!