Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Clear Skin is Always Trending

Hi blogger babies! So, summer is quickly approaching, and people are wearing less makeup as the temperature starts to heat up. But I know a certain group of people who will continue to cake their face in concealer during the summertime. They'll avoid swimming pools and continually check their reflection to make sure that nothing has melted off. I know this because I used to be one of them --  I used to suffer from acne. 

I'm writing this blog because I know how it feels. The picture above barely shows what I had, because I would usually avoid pictures. Junior year of high school was the worst. I would literally spend hours a day on websites trying to find the magical cure. ProActiv, drugstore face washes, night creams, apple cider vinegar, green tea masks, scrubs, egg yolk masks... I can't even remember everything. I was too scared to go to the doctor, because I thought that medicine would make my skin worse before it got better. I would skip school, cancel plans with friends, and stay in bed because of my skin. 

Finally, about a year ago, I went to the doctor for help. It's been a year and my skin is finally clear. Everyone's skin is different, but here is what works for me --

1. Differin Gel - This is what I was afraid would make my skin worse before it was better. Actually, I don't remember much of an initial outbreak. I think it's because I was using it in combination with other medicine. I put this on once a night before I go to bed. It's clear and dries quickly, and you only have to use a pea-sized amount!

2. Minocin - I believe that acne starts from the inside. How are you going to treat acne topically when it's caused by hormones? I take one pill once a day and it's cleared me up from the inside-out, yay yay!

3. Zovia - Yep... there's more. My doctor prescribed this birth control for me, not so I wouldn't get preggo, but to clear up my acne. I had never heard of this BC before going on it. I didn't start the Zovia until 4 or 5 months after the Differin and Minocin. I can actually say that it did clear up the rest of those suckers that were too stubborn to leave! 

As you can see, doctors know best. I no longer trust companies like Philosophy or Neutrogena that are trying to sell me acne kits. Yes, these products can help maintain minor breakouts (such as PMS-related ones), but that's about it in my book. The key word is SELL. One thing I've realized is that Neutrogena and Philosophy also market lip gloss and bubble bath. I do not trust lip gloss and bubble bath producers with my precious skin. Sorry bout it! 

And here we go... the minor contributors to my clear skin -- 

4. Oxy Acne Wash Maximum Strength - Okay, this bottle just LOOKS legit to me. I feel like my acne wash could beat up your acne wash any day! ;) This wash contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide with none of the frills (menthol etc.) that could irritate my skin. I use this morning and night to keep my skin clean and wash my makeup off. (CAUTION : sensitive skin beware! I would start with a lower percentage of Benzoyl Peroxide or else your skin may get flakey!)

5. Bare Minerals Foundation - Alright, we're girls. In an ideal world we wouldn't wear makeup to let our acne-prone skin breathe. However, this is the real world and I'm try'na look GOOD. This is the only, I repeat, ONLY foundation/concealer that does not give me pimples. Even after using all of the above medicines, I still can't use other foundations without getting a huge zit on my cheek the next day. True story. Tried other mineral makeups. Bare Minerals for life. 

6. No Milk - This is a strange one, but it works for me. My boyfriend mentioned a couple months ago that every time he drinks a lot of milk he breaks out. Well, I've had milk for dinner since I was little, so this came as a bit of a surprise. I've actually stumbled across people swearing by no dairy on various websites too. It has something to do with the hormones in the milk. Anyways, ever since I've stopped drinking it I've noticed even LESS breakouts. I still eat other dairy products, just not straight milk.

Voila! I'm so excited to go out this summer with nothing but light bronzer on! I hope all of you beauties are inspired to talk to your doctors today :)


  1. I've never had bad acne (just the giant chin zit before my period) but one of my bffs is still struggling with it at 32. I'm going to have to send this to her!
    Yes, Bare Minerals is the absolute best! Love it!

  2. Hi Kelsey!
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  3. Hi Kelsey,

    We haven't heard back from you regarding our invitation to the CLEAR Forum.
    We would love to send you more information - let us know what is the best way to reach you.

    The CLEAR Forum team

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for inviting me to this event. Unfortunately, I have prior obligations for the weekend of the 17th! If there are future opportunities please let me know through commenting on this blog. Thank you again!


  5. Thanks for your response! We will keep in touch for future opportunities.
    The CLEAR Forum Team